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Saturday, February 03, 2018

OHMYGOSSSHHH! I received literally the coolest and best box from Pixi beauty last week! As seen in the photos below, it was a big box with a lock and key. I "unlocked" the secret to beautiful lips and great skin. The contents inside the box were their Rose Flash Balm, Rose Caviar Essense, and 6 MatteLast Liquid lips! I was so in awe over how amazing this package was and that I was even receiving it. Pixi Beauty is one of my all-time favorite brands. I am obsessed with their Glow Tonic, eyeshadows, and lips! So, this was so so amazing. I can't thank them enough! 

Here are a couple photos I took of the Rose Flash and Rose Caviar. I thought that the cool streaks of light gave the photos an awesome look. Plus, since it's almost Valentine's Day, I thought it was appropriate to photograph it next to my favorite candy conversation hearts tray. I have been using these two items for the past week, everyday. I have noticed a difference in my skin greatly. My skin has been super dry and almost flaky lately. I love using the rose flash balm as a skin booster to make it more radiant and then finishing up with the Rose Caviar Essence to moisturize my face. They both smell so great and I love the little flecks of rose in it. Also, if you didn't know, you can use the Rose Flash Balm as a face mask! Just apply a thick layer to your face! 

Ahh, this is my favorite MatteLustre lipstick. I just had to take it out for this photoshoot. It is the perfect color for me and I wear it at least 4 times a week.

I cannot say enough about these liquid mattes! They glide on so easily and dry down completely. The colors are perfect for my skin tone. I am a huge fan of nudes as well as berry toned nudes. I am so glad that I unlocked ;) these beauties! I have been using them all the time. The colors are so versatile and match with any makeup look! Not to mention, they were a Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards UK winner in 2017!!! Plus, the price of these cannot be beat!
I will link down everything I have talked about below. 

Also, the best part about all of these products?! They are ALL less than $25! It's beauty that won't break the bank. High quality products for a great price. You can't beat it!


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