Glam Luxe Style x Zale's Jewelers

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

HELLLOOO EVERYONE! I hope you are having a very lovely Wednesday. Today I am writing about a very special collaboration that I had this past week. I got to work with Zale's Jewelers! I received a piece from their Made in Italy collection and it is so lovely. I got a dainty 14k gold necklace that was carefully crafted. Their distinctive designs and quality craftsmanship really show in their pieces & fit perfectly with my personal style. I have been wearing this necklace almost everyday because it just fits me so well. I adore the chain links and think that it makes the piece extra unique! Thank you so much, Zales! 💘

I posted these two photos on my Instagram last week, so be sure to follow me here to see my latest and greatest first! ;) 

Until next time,


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