L'Oreal Makeup Routine

Friday, August 18, 2017

Something that I, like many others out there, is obsessed with is MAKEUP. Not just makeup, but makeup that is effortlessly easy to use and apply. Today I am going to be spotlighting a company that I have been using for years- L'Oreal. 

To do a whole face application I use:

This lash primer is the first primer I have ever used and I think it works spectacularly! It lifts my lashes and gives it a good base for the mascara to go onto. With this primer on, my lashes stay lifted all day long.

This mascara makes my lashes super intensified. I like thick and full looking lashes and this mascara does the trick without clumping my lashes together. My lashes stay up all day and look great in pictures! 

Ahhhh brows. So, I honestly did not start doing my brows until two years ago. I love this kit because it comes with mini tweezers to clean up brows before application. There is a wax pan, powder pan, and mirror. There is also a tool that has a brush on one side and spooly (I have no idea if I am spelling that right) on the other side. I love this kit because it has everything I need so conveniently packaged! 

This shadow is sooo pretty! It is more of a shimmery shadow that is great for all over the top of my lid for an extra pop of color! 

This shadow is more of a matte shadow that I use in my crease and under the brow! 

Not photographed:

I just recently started getting super into makeup around three years ago. I love products that are cruelty free (my biggest priority), vegan, etc. So, those are just some of the things that I look for when purchasing products. The thing that I love about all of these L'Oreal products specifically is that they are easy to use, the colors match me perfectly, and they are easy to travel with! I can easily throw all of these products into a little makeup bag and throw it in my purse. L'Oreal is a brand that I will definitely be using for a long time to come. I am still learning and experimenting, so if you have any recommendations on products or brands to try please let me know in a comment or email! 



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