Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hey there everyone! So, this week I am sharing something extremely exciting with you. I know you all have had your fair share of beer pong battles with friends and family. It was fun, right? Well, the game has changed (purple smirky faced devil emoji). I introduce you to....MINI BEER PONG.

This lightweight, cute, and easy to travel with game is one of the funnest things to play with. 
Here's the rundown: 
it is basically a ball flinging cup game version of beer pong that is super easy to set up and to use. It is an action-packed, convenient new tabletop version of the favorite social game. Players use launchers to shoot tethered balls into mini cups from the comfort of their own seats. The game contains a playing board, 2 balls, stickers, and 50 cups! It was super super easy to set up. You just open up the board, attach the tethered ball, and set up the cups, pour your favorite beverage inside and get to playin'! Some key features are the tethered ball which eliminates the hassle of chasing after a ball, a finger launcher with multiple position and swivel action, and a recessed cup rack that holds up to 10 mini cups per side. I know you hate having to chase after the ball when it doesn't land in a cup during beer pong, but with this new game it eliminates that! Can you say suhhhweeeet!

It is super lightweight and simple that you can fit it in your backpack or large purse. You can literally play anywhere and anytime. I really love the idea that you can just sit there and play, you don't have to be standing or have a huge set up. It's simple, easy, and fun.

The idea for this originated in a college dorm room. It is awesome to know that a lot of the innovative and new ideas come from college students just like you and me. Since it is a clear board, you can be creative with it and make it your own. As shown in the pictures below, you can use neon highlighters to draw and white on it to make it stand out at a party! There is so much you can do with mini beer pong!

Overall, I love this and I know that it will be a big hit with the college students, especially the Greek life students. I know you're dying to know where you can get one so I'll post the link below.

This just goes to show that sometimes bigger may not always be better and that's okay! For Mini Beer Pong, their idea worked out just fine. 

There are currently 2 different versions of the game! It has a super easy assembly and cleanup process. Also, I plan on making a short video on how I play with it so stay tuned for that in the upcoming weeks!

Please drink responsibly. 

Photo by: Spencer Knott

Photo by: Spencer Knott

Photo by: Spencer Knott

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