Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hey everyone! IT'SSSSSS HUMPDAAYYYY! Halfway through the week! Just keep chugging along and before you know, the weekend will be here.

I have something very exciting to share with all of you today! Today I am featuring TKO's  Adjustable Running Belt Waist Pack With Reflective Trim and Two Expandable Pockets! Let me start off by telling you it really really bugs me when I go for a hike or run and I have to hold my phone. Thankfully, this running belt has come to the rescue. 

The design of the belt is simple: there are two pockets, one is larger than the other. Both pockets are protected by waterproof zippers so all of the items you put inside will stay safe and secure! The belt itself is adjustable and it is better that it is fastened tightly around your waist so that as you run or walk, it does not move around and become uncomfortable. 

I honestly enjoy this belt and its unique design. It is slim, lightweight, and very protective. The belt held my iPhone 5 (yes, I know I still have the 5- sad right?) perfectly fine. I also put my boyfriends Galaxy in it and it formed to fit it perfectly as well! So, in the bigger pocket I held my phone and in the smaller pocket I put in a pair of keys and headphones! This belt is a lifesaver and makes running easy since you do not have to hold anything! I highly recommend this! 

As a college student, I feel like I am constantly on the run. This belt not only comes in handy for running, hikes, etc. but even just to wear around campus. I can just throw my phone in the belt or my car keys without having to worry about losing them as I go through my daily routine of classes and activities.

Also, what makes me even more obsessed about this belt is the fact that it is in my favorite color! They come in 4 different colors total but I think this vibrant blue is the winner!

Also, if you would like a list of hiking spots by me, tell me and I'll post some of my favorite spots in SoCal! 

Want one of these belts for yourself? Head on over here to get one! You won't regret it, plus they're only $10. I mean, how can you beat that?! 

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(Wow, I am all sweaty in this pic from running! :p)

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