The Monday Blues

Monday, November 09, 2015

Well it's here again. It's Monday. I've never wanted to hit the snooze button so many times until today. Well, that's me everyday actually. This week is also super exciting because on Wednesday it's Veterans Day [+ no school]! I think it is extremely important to take time out and to really thank those that are veterans and to honor those who have died for us. 

So to get rid of these "Monday blues," I decided to wear an outfit that I would wear to a casual party, or even to a formal party (just switch out the jacket!). I think you all have realized that I am like obsessed with dresses. So, naturally I have decided to wear a dress! This dress is extra special because it has a sheer v shape right above the chest area. This gives the dress a more elegant and classy look rather than just having a low cut dress. Since it is getting colder, I threw on a jean jacket with studs to give my outfit an extra little pop. In addition, I wore some fishnet tights c/o Kushyfoot and a pair of buckled booties! These tights are honestly extremely comfortable. They come with a a control top too! This look makes you look well put together while also being casual and cute. The details of the studs on the jean jacket really tie the look together. Wearing all black, the rich blue denim of the jacket really makes your outfit pop!

Today I am going to leave you with some tips to help you get over those Monday Blues:
1. First of all, make sure you go to bed early on Sunday so you get enough sleep
2. Dress up! Nothing puts you in a better mood than wearing that romper you know you rock
3. Be positive. Wake up with a smile on your face and jam out to your favorite song
4. Make plans for after school or work! Looking forward to something helps you get over the task at hand aka schoolwork, classes, and jobs!

(Remember, the links might not take you to the direct item, I am just telling you where I get my clothes from)

Also, I'm thinking about cutting my hair! What do you think?
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