Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am going to show you a little insight into my health and fitness routine. I think it's super important to get in some good cardio and strength training, but I know everyone says it's so hard to do with busy schedules. I myself am guilty of this because school takes up a lot of time! So, the best thing to do to get some quick cardio in and get that heart rate going is by jump roping! Yep, that activity we did as kids is great for your heart and can burn almost 200 calories in just 15 minutes!

So usually I TRY to be active everyday. But with the business of school and homework I can't. I like to run a mile or two and do some crunches, squats, and push up afterwards. I usually eat healthy but of course I cheat a little on the weekends. (I mean who doesn't, right?) This is just my daily routine in a nutshell. On those days when I'm crunched for time I just grab my TKO jump rope c/o TKO and just jump! The time goes by incredibly fast especially when you're blasting your favorite song. The thing that I love about this jump rope is the handles. They're lightweight and comfortable to hold. The rope itself is pretty long so this would work out great for taller people (as well as short people like myself). In addition, my favorite part would probably have to be that this rope matches my workout pants and my shoes pretty well! All in all, this is a fantastic jumprope to get some quick exercise in! Jump roping doesn't have to be just for a quick fix. You can take it with you on a hike or a walk with you like what I did this weekend!

Let me tell you a little bit about my workout outfits! I most always wear workout pants/tights. Unless it's like over 90 degrees outside I wear workout shorts or spandex. For my top I usually wear a nice light workout jacket or a tank. It's really important to have good socks and a good pair of athletic shoes. Having a good pair of socks is extremely important because when you're running or doing other exercises, you don't want the back of your foot being rubbed up against the shoes or else it'll give you blisters. Of course a good pair of shoes is a must. I usually wear Nike's but some Adidas will do just fine. I definitely think you should check out TKO jump ropes if you need a tool that will help you get some quick exercise in or to just add to your workout routine because they're awesome. 

(Remember, the links might not take you to the direct item, I am just telling you where I get my clothes from)

Shoes: Nike 

Jumprope: TKO

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