Transitioning to Fall

Sunday, October 04, 2015

As it is now October, that means the holidays are going to hit us like a bus going 100mph. I swear, the holidays come and go so quickly. First the cavity-filled Halloween and then Turkey Day, Christmas, New Years, and then Valentine's Day! WOOOWWWW. 

Anyways, when I think of the holiday season starting I think of the Fall and transition my outfits from short-shorts and tanks to jeans, tunics, dresses, boots, and statement jackets. I really like wearing dark colors because it blends well with my dark long hair. The outfit I am wearing today is basically one of my many black on black outfits. 

One of my fall staples is a round neck black long sleeve. I love having this in my closet because they literally will go with anything-leggings, jeans, even some skirts! It is definitely a great piece to have so I suggest you stock up now if you don't have any. Also, I am a huge fan of boots. Whether it be combat boots, knit boots, or wedged booties. I have literally more than 20 pairs of boots in my closet at this very moment. But hey, you can never have too many shoes right?

This fall I am planning on wearing a lot of knits and crochet items. I feel like the color palette is going to be very neutral with creams, blacks, grays, and oatmeal colored items. Of course, it would be great to accessorize with some bold necklaces or watches! 

(Remember, the links might not take you to the direct item, I am just telling you where I get my clothes from)

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