STEP into Fall Street Style

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Sunday, everybody! I hope everyone had a very fun and relaxing weekend and is getting ready to go back to work or school in the a.m. In the midst of midterms, I was still able to go out and shoot for today's post. Today I am featuring gray soft jean material oversized overalls paired with a gray shirt and stacked heels. I also added in a black watch and a simple coral necklace. 

I think one of the most important things in an outfit is the shoes. They can either really tie the look together or make it look like a complete mess. These stacked heels are literally one of my new obsessions. The look of them is classy and trendy. I really love the brown/tan color and the caged look of them. Plus, they are really comfortable which is always a plus!! 

So, I decided to pair these super chic heels with my oversized overalls look. I decided to get gray overalls because it's different than jeans. They look less cowboy and more minimalistic. (Not that I have anything against jean overalls because I do have a pair of jean shortalls.) Also, the material on these is amazing. They are super soft and comfy. I decided to just wear a gray shirt that was the same shade as my overalls so that it can match 100% and my shoes can pop with their caramel color. In addition to this simple yet cute look, I decided to add a simple watch with a black strap and a simple stone necklace. Little details like a watch and a simple necklace just help enhance your look so it does not look dull. This is one of my favorite outfits for fall!

(Remember, the links might not take you to the direct item, I am just telling you where I get my clothes from)

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