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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Everyone always asks me where I take my photos. Well that, my friends, is going to remain a secret. But what doesn't have to remain a secret is the ultra fab jewelry company- Be Buddha. I am so excited to be collabing with them and being able to feature them! 

So what is Be Buddha you may ask? Well, it all started with the owner, Erin Leary. It all began when she was in college. She just so happened to find herself in a bead store one day where she bought a ton of supplies and her creative spark just skyrocketed. While she was studying abroad, she discovered Niki de Saint Phalle who would become her biggest inspiration. Upon graduation, she decides to put all of her time and effort into starting up her jewelry line. After landing an internship in St. Croix, she explores the Caribbean and starts to collect precious stones and beads. After spending time in the Caribbean Erin travels back to Italy where she still collects unique stones and beads. Now, the exciting part happens- Be Buddha was born in May 2013. And this, my friends, is how it all started. (Story taken from

Now that you know the story behind Be Buddha let me now tell you mine. I received many different gorgeous pieces to feature here. Some of which include unique bracelets, earrings, and a necklace. This post has taken a while since I wanted to fully capture everything that Be Buddha stands for. Each stone has a different meaning and I was lucky to receive a Buddha which stands for Awakeness (which is good for me being a college student and all) and also the Hamsa Hand which stands for Happiness & Health. I always wanted a jewelry item with a hamsa hand on it because I think it is important for everyone to be jubilant and lively. I had a lot of fun finding unique places to shoot these unique pieces. Not to mention, the bright turquoise compliments my all-black outfit and gives it an extra pop! I also really enjoyed how one of the bracelets I am featuring here says "be you" on it. It is so important to be unique and not feel like you have to follow everyone else. Whether it be in style or  just in everyday life, everyone is an original. 

In addition to the current collections, she also does one of a kind pieces specifically made for you! She is an amazing artist and if you want a certain kind of piece, she can definitely do it for you!
Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Etsy (@bebuddhajewelry) or e-mail at for custom orders.

So definitely check out Be Buddha and also how they give back to the community through their Breast Cancer and LGBT pieces!

(Remember, the links might not take you to the direct item, I am just telling you where I get my clothes from)

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  1. I'm here for the earrings - so beautiful and funky. Love it!

  2. These are all great choices.I love your style! Metal Tiles Suppliers


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